Protect your enterprise from increasingly complex IT security threats while reducing costs

Nowadays, It seems every year the technology landscape makes a tectonic shift. And with each new technology comes new IT security concerns. The rise in sophisticated attacks, combined with a worldwide shortage of IT security skills, makes partnering with a trusted IT security services provider critical.

StartOne provides IT security services cover every corner of your network, from infrastructure to applications to devices. We protect some of the most sophisticated networks in the world, and employ some of the best minds in the business. And we help you reduce the cost and complexity of your IT security needs.

We provide XDR technology as part of our independent solution or managed security service solution. Help your organization aware, alert and responsive to any incident that may happen and in the same time (concurrently), protect your organization completely.


  • StartOne consultant mampu menterjemahkan kebutuhan bisnis ke dalam rencana kerja IT (ITSP) sehingga kami semakin sinergi dan selaras dalam mengembangkan teknologi yang tepat guna dan ekonomis bagi Bank.

    - Kepala Divisi IT, Kadiv IT, BPD....

  • IT Strategic Plan yang dibuat oleh StartOne Consultant sangat baik dan bermanfaat bagi pengembangan IT dan bisnis kami.

    - Direktur Utama, CEO, BPD ...